NOTE: For full Quality System maintenance, we offer probation period (1-2 months).

Food Safety & Quality Documentation Development & Management

  • HACCP Plan
  • Programs (HACCP Prerequisites, Food Defense, Microbiological Control, Traceability, Operational Prerequisite Program (OPRP), etc.)
  • Policies (Quality policy, Food Safety policy, Hygiene policy, etc.)
  • Procedures (Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), work instruction, etc.)
  • Specifications, Certificate of Analysis (COA), Technical Data Sheets, Quality Manual
  • Forms, Reports & Records
  • Corrective Action reports
  • Regulatory Affair, Codes & Standards
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Flow chart
  • Investigational report

Consumer Complaints & Recall

  • Consumer complaint troubleshooting
  • Recall support
  • Mock recall training
  • Traceability program development
  • Customer Complaint handling (investigations, corrective actions, follow up, response) 

Food Safety System Internal Audits

  • Facility premises – production, storage and packaging areas; employee facilities; outside premises
  • Personnel GMP compliance
  • Equipment – processing equipment, monitoring devices, instruments
  • Control of glass and brittle plastic
  • Quality control points

HACCP System Development

  • Prerequisite program development (Sanitation, Premises, Recall, Allergen, Storage, etc.)
  • HACCP forms #1-10 and CCP identification
  • Ingredient and Process Hazard Analysis
  • Custom program development (Foreign Material Control, Process Control, etc.)

Preparation for Certification

  • HACCP, BRC, SQF, FSSC, Organic, Kosher, Halal, etc.

Food Safety Training

  • Food safety
  • GMP
  • Food Defence
  • CCP
  • Custom training (e.g., pest control, packaging, sanitation, preventive maintenance, temperature monitoring, etc.)
  • Personal Hygiene & Safe Food Handling
  • Internal Audit techniques
  • Technical training
  • Health & Safety

Product Development, Labeling, Nutrition Data

  • New product development (product concept, formulation, production process, packaging, etc.)
  • New product Quality control development
  • New label development
  • Label information compliance validation
  • Nutrition data verification
  • Ingredient Declaration development – English & French

External Audit/Inspection Support

  • Regulatory Agency inspections (e.g., CFIA, FDA)
  • 3rd Party audits
  • Customer audits
  • Non-compliance correction and follow up

Conducting 3rd Party Audits

  • Customer audit
  • Supplier audit